Tenants R us By Paul White ISBN 978-09538245-19 All Interest Books Ebook download only May 2002 Paperback- out of print Ebook download

Why would anyone describe a landlord as “misunderstood?” Well. One good reason is that tenants in general assume that if you are a landlord, then you “own” property, then you must be rich!! Of course, nearly all private landlords do not really own the property. The Bank really owns the property. Just let the landlord try property letting, There in the small print of the mortgage deed is all the clauses that prove who is the owner. Private Landlords need to tell the real owner what and where is in the letting contract. What and where and who is on the Insurance certificate. Thinking of selling or re-buying? Now the private Landlord really has to jump through hoops to satisfy the real “owner”. But never let such simple facts put you off buying property to let.

Property letting is without a doubt a great way to further you and your family’s welfare through the years. Not to ever forget also, that when the great day comes, you become the real owner. During the early years private landlords are not rich, but to a tenant, who mostly never thinks of having to struggle, today for jam tomorrow, you are rich. Well, you often have more financial assets than a tenant. How then, can we get to financial independence with income producing property? Learn your craft….. Learn your craft…….Fitting a kitchen and bathroom in a private house and never having to pay out much for labour costs, much less, the consideration of forking out some of your sales price to pay Capital Gains Tax, does not make you an expert Property Developer.

What about the people skills that make the landlord into a successful rent collector. Without those you will never become the real owner. With them, you will have a lifetime income and skills to hand down to your family for evermore. Financial skills also are required, so that a business plan can be presented to the people who have the funds so that you can make your financial dreams come true. Should you use a letting agent? At 15% commission are you aware that one year in seven is for the letting agent! Word skills, so that your advertising of the property to let is effective, making your lettings efficient and your vacancies shorter. Too often people with good “Hand Skills” and knowledge of the building trade, think that it

is the main reason to get into property. Think of the biggest house builder in your country and ponder if the top man ever gets his hands dirty. To be the Landlord in this day and age is as skilled as an other skilled profession, so learn your craft as a Landlord and learn it well. At the time of writing, June 2008, we are in a major housing crisis and only the professional Landlord will survive in these difficult times.

Search the web because in the middle of all the dubious internet sites, are

property to let E-book sites, that if chosen with care, will enrich your life as you get to grips with your new career as a property Landlord.

The following is an index of what the manual contains and as you can see is written in a manner of interesting fun as our lives should be.


1. Reasons to be cheerful in property.

2. Rocket propelled thinking required.

3. Getting started, with or without cash (you’ll need an


4. Substitution of Equity.

5. Where and how to discover “Goldmines”.

6. Big bucks from Yuks!!

7. R.O.I. Magic Initials.

8. Come hither on the phone.

9. Is “NO DSS” a big NO, NO.

10. References and deposits – who needs ‘em.

11. Does old father time make for good tenants.

12. Letting the family home ??? Oh No!!!

13. Forget Legal Eagles.

14. Should I use a letting agent?

15. Should I tell the taxman? No?

16. Furnished or Unfurnished.

17. Are PLOTS for CLOTS.

18. Bank Managers and Opium. Don’t you just love ‘em.

19. Give, Give, Give and thou shalt Receive and Receive.

20. Time to raise rents. (you know it makes sense)

21. Can Plastic be stronger than bricks and mortar.

22. Always include all the family.

23. Leasehold and Freehold.

24. Shared accommodation (Difficult but Profitable.)

25. Automatic Money is always best.

26. Short term leases (Long term money makers.)

27. An easy retirement plan.

28. Pensions versus Property Portfolios.

29. Want to get started………..DON’T.

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