A discussion in deep thought about the paranormal and the supernatural in relation to everyday living.

Exploring the mysticism of yourself in relation to others. How you can experience a wonderful feeling within yourself by doing a certain thing. Have you ever delved into the realms of the astral and wondered about the afterlife?

  Investigate the real trauma that reveals and documents an after life experience. What is this strange and compelling world we are heading to. Try to scrutinize the real you. Do you know who you are? Look at the strange philosophy of Atlantis and the coming European dilemma. Read about the double you - physical and mental. Lots of things to debate and discuss in this intriguing ebook.

HOW YOU SEE ‘YOU’ is DIFFERENT To the way OTHERS SEE ‘YOU’ Some of the authors unusual events that may revive your memories of the unexplainable. The PSYCHIC THINKER PayPal: Buy Psychic thinker Special offer - £.99p Update 8-2-2019