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Monadic Chair - A strange ancient artefact that travels to amazing destinations. After stealing it from a cave, will the new owner command the universe?

Judiciary of the Hoverers, these peaceful people invaded by a domineering evil race of beings. Nevertheless, are these peaceful people really at risk?

Equations of Divinity, a strange spheroid discovered on a moon. What is its astounding purpose? Not classed

as alien, then what is it? Will the discovery blow your mind with an insight to creation?

Mosaic Death, about a bullying corporate director who ignores the law of inter-dimensional travelling to search

for a secret mystical substance.


Battle of the Archangels

Under orders, Jim explores in depth a slowly fermenting and escalating disorderly chaos amongst planets with peaceful advanced civilisations. He now has to explore the astral in depth to find the reasons behind the strange behaviour. With his crew, he travels in unbelievable landscapes conjured and formed into realities held together by thought and higher essences of the spiritual species. It is a world of great beauty and love where spiritual entities live and dwell, some in a mirror body of the physical, others in streams of light and shade. In contrast, there are dark areas of malevolent thought and emotion. He follows a mischievous trail of disruption trying to come to terms with the uncharted domains of ethereal and metaphysical worlds and a personal surprising outcome.

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FOURTH IN THE SERIES-Divine  Fanaticism

The Galaxy Police Federation are alerted as a distant planet starts to destabilise caused by the plotting of religious fanatics depicting the prospect of complete atomic annihilation. Jim and crew arrive in disguise to try to find the perpetrators behind the forthcoming terrorist bid. Jim undercover uses futuristic technology to create fantastic illusions in order to lure the head of the religious terrorists to him. A frantic battle to stop the fanatical operatives exploding a portable nuclear weapon begins, with the lives of ten million city dwellers at stake. In the midst of all this comes the discovery of a three-thousand years old craft puzzling both the Police Federation and planetary religion.


SOULGATE-temple of souls

Jim tries a holiday with Gail and Norman on a calm, friendly peaceful planet. as a series of chilling events erupts into a peaceful society causing devastation to the financial infrastructure and religious and political life. Whilst translators try to interpret the text from an archaic religious book, a strange madness affects all motivating Jim to use his psychic bracelet to try to find an answer. With the planet slowly being taken out of existence Jim, Gail, and Norman battle on against a huge psychic magnification until the final solution is revealed from the ancient text.

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A missing space station with senior officers on board causes Jim to use his bracelets catapulting him into an almost negative dimension defying the laws of physics. The alternate dimension is so strange as to defy belief, a universe that is almost negative opposing the laws of physics.  Jim’s probe fighter craft mysteriously vanishes below the surface resulting in a journey to a wondrous world of alien technology. The rescuers travel to a world within a world that at its centre contains clouds and large rock formations including a city and the vista of a large floating ocean.  

In a limited period of time, he has to find the missing officers midst a universe of planetary chaos, a runaway moon and the puzzle of huge ancient mystic machinery.


Where it all started.

How it all came about! Jim receives the ultimate gift of two bracelets – one allows him into the world of the astral and the other into alternate dimensions of time and space. A strange incident occurs and one of his assistants Gail farmer, is kidnapped by a dark force. The path leads to a small Earth type planet inhabited by two tribes. Here, he clashes once more with the dark forces before reaching an island on which the telepathic guardian Erka resides.  

All against a background of self survival where he has to fight his way through several life threatening situations and into a strange dimension of mind corruption.

An absurd chain of events throws Jim and crew into a malevolent area of the galaxy. Time is manipulated and turned against humanity only beings of the divine benevolence can help.

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