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HOW TO UNDERSTAND YOUR LIFE,  HISTORY and the FUTURE. Discover all you ever wanted to know about YOUR  theoretical history of our species? Are YOU in wonderment as to what happens  to YOU  after physical life has finished? A captivating explanation of how YOU and YOUR  Conscience  are constantly put to the test.

If the knowledge you have received leaves you disenchanted, discover a new way of viewing life. It is time to take you on an exclusive trip through reality. Can you see yourself on this path investigating all that is known and then evaluating for the truth? Schooling has helped by giving you the correct details as known and religion has given you the supernatural beliefs but not facts. Life is controlled by unknown speculation as we understand it.

 Science and religion otherwise the actual, and the supernatural are kept apart by academia when in truth they are explicitly joined. In the exciting world of the spirit, all is connected by the wonderment of maths in time and space. Science contains the supernatural as the quantum essence. The reasoning of divinity and science is an energy source holding fragments of existence together.

The intriguing and compelling nature of the supernatural is encased within every life form and is yet an unknown factor waiting for discovery. Humankind distinguishes itself from other life forms by a strong metaphysical conscience. The incredible conscience format located in the brain of every human overridden by emotion, fear, dogma and belief. It contains a spiritual essence that can resolve many problems about both ethereal and physical matters. Speaking your thoughts gives a startling clarity to all challenges and answers many of the seemingly difficult predicaments with the accomplishment of motivation caused by thinking aloud.

The amazing advancement of civilisation has brought into action sensational and conspiratorial theories of previously advanced cultures. It comes to mind as to why all this hidden knowledge over the centuries was released approximately 50 years ago accelerating to reach a high technical age of development. The world is teetering on a metaphysical fulcrum that could make us leap into the future or tumble back into the past. Imagine what could happen to the next generations of your family in a staggering and explosive world for future siblings under an extreme theological-political rule. Always remember that life is like cooking get the ingredient balance right and your menu will prosper only extremes will harm you. Obsessions become paramount when reaching too far high or low, left or right. Imaginative reading is a time to throw open your mind if you need to see the truth.

Your mind will become richer than you think if you love the unusual, the mysterious and the enchanting in this pragmatic physicality. The result of reading this book will change your thinking, and I guarantee you will agree with many items contain within.

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