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PREDICTION: A visualisation from within a bus shows an aircraft in difficulty crash onto a building that collapses onto the bus From ‘sibling1’ on 24th Sep.2012 YOU CAN SEE THE FUTURE OF THE UK……. YOU CAN HAVE A CAR THAT  RUNS ON AIR…..Peter Dearman Has done it and has one
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There is Life after death  says top brain surgeon PREDICTIONS with USER ‘Nicknames’ May/June 2013-Happened recently to new aircraft - battery fire - 13 months  prediction ROYALTY FREE MOOD & ATMOSPHERE MUSIC BOOK DEPOSITARY ********** SCI FI / FANTASY BOOK DEPOSITARY **********  PHILOSOPHY Spiritual perception-  nothing to do with religion Just click on the books below For further information HEADLINES WANT TO BE A LANDLORD ? READ THIS BOOK AND LEARN  FROM AN INSIDER. - TENANTS R US. MUSICIANS - LEARN THE BASICS FROM A FAST TRACKER - DON’T RALLENTANDO - JUST SLOW DOWN. MIND, BODY & SPIRIT - DO YOU WANT TO LEARN THE SECRET OF LIFE? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW WE GOT HERE? - HOW TO THINK  LIKE A MODERN MYSTIC. Talk live with the author JLAuthorsite HAVING A PARTY? - THEN USE THE TOON TAROT CARDS  (BASED ON THE TAROT BUT MORE SIMPLE) HAVE SOME FUN  AND ENTERTAINMENT - READ THE PAST AND FUTURE. ARE YOU PSYCHIC ? - TRY THE ALL INTEREST BOOKS PSYCHIC BLACKBOARD - RELAX AND GAZE AT the BLACKBOARD AND LET YOUR MIND WANDER. THEN CONTACT US AND PUT YOUR COMMENTS IN THE GREEN PREDICTIONS BELOW. This will be monitored and any abuse or profanities will be  deleted before insertion. Use your back link to return to home page #P4-mystichowto-1 #P2-JLBooks-1 #P6-rallentando-1 #P6-Landlord-2
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GENERAL  NON-FICTION It’s time to have a chat about unusual Events, and to offer you a FREE story. ….From science fiction author Robin G Howard Hear the podcast……
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Speculative Fiction,Tarot Cards for sale,

Run by authors Robin Howard and Paul White this site is a showcase for our publishing work including science fiction, speculative fiction, tarot cards for sale and guides to music, property and psychic experiences.

All Interest books is a vehicle for the two authors each own copyright and world rights to their own books.

All Other books are Affiliates with their own copyright and world rights.

Science  fiction author, Robin G Howard, has created a series of five novels on the adventures of Jim Long space agent.

Based on An astral traveller of the afterlife revealing supernatural and occult fiction for readers with imagination.

Visit the authors site for more information on the purchase of these books in paperback and ebook formats.

As well as working in the genre of speculative fiction, authors Paul White and Robin Howard have written the guide books “The Psychic Thinker”, “Music, Music,Music” and “Tenants R US”. This site also features ebook tarot cards for sale. If you are a book company and would like to link then

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